Fried Mochi

I made this one up myself. Might want to use a non-stick or well-seasoned pan or wok since you don't want the mochi to fuse to the cooking surface.

First bake some mochi. Once puffed-up, take out and make flat. If you baked more than one piece, as I always do, put them together to make one bigger mochi. With a tiny bit of oil, sesame oil works very well, fry both sides until nicely browned.

Then pour a little shoyu into the pan, which should be nice and hot by now. The shoyu should instantly sizzle. Quickly move the mochi around to coat the bottom with shoyu. It will absorb very quickly and flip it over to do the other side the same way. Pay attention to not burn the shoyu.

There will lots of 'smoke' from the shoyu so you might wanna turn on the exhaust fan beforehand.

That's it. Eat it while it's hot. It's yummy. And no, it's not as good without the oil. If you are worried about using oil, especially that crap they sell in most stores I highly recommend using cold-pressed organic oil. If you cannot afford such oil, try buying some good cold-pressed non-organic extra virgin olive oil in a tin (very important that light and plastic does not contact the oil you use). Take a look at the products of "Omega Nutrition", Or "Udo's Choice" and other such reputable oil companies. They have some of the best quality products of their kind that I have ever seen or tried.

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